Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trip to Zhangjiajie 张家界

My parents just returned home from their second mission, this time in Kaliningrad, Russia. And lucky us, on their "way home" they came to visit us!! We went to a place called Zhangjiajie, which is one of China's national parks. It was quite spectacular! Here are some pictures:

Sam, Amy, Eve, Coralee and Bryan Drennan (Amy's parents)

These mountains aren't even part of the national park. Beautiful, eh?!

At the front gate

A natural bridge. The drop is about 400 feet below (hard to get a picture of that =)

Lovers put their names on locks and then lock them to the rails on the bridge. We didn't add a lock, but we did hold hands across the bridge which is supposed to ensure we will stay together. I guess Sam is stuck with me now! =)

We got to see a small Tujia minority village
This grandma even let me try spinning yarn. It took a minute, but after a few tries I actually spun a little!

Eve sporting a Tujia minority head-dress

Banging the big drum

Traditional dress for a Tujia bride

So wherever we go, Eve seems to gather a crowd. My parents laughed at how many people would gather around to get a glimpse of our "Foreign Doll". I guess Sam and I are used to it -- we hardly even notice anymore =)

More beautiful views!
Too bad Sam is afraid of heights. He looked pretty pale all through this part of the hike.

Buddhist Temple

We took a couple of cable cars up and down mountain sides. Very cool!

People will write wishes on red banners and then tie them in the trees in this part of the park. It looks pretty cool, I think.

I really wanted to see a monkey on this trip. I was so excited when I saw these two, that I put my backpack down to take a few pictures. While I was photographing one of the monkeys, the other one ran up to my backpack and stole our treat bag out of it and then climbed up a tree to enjoy his spoil! Sad for us, no treats, but cool to see the monkeys!
(Our little monkey)

This place is called "Heaven's Gate Mountain" because of this awesome tunnel that goes right through the mountain. It really does look like you could walk right into heaven through it!
Sam and I climbed all 999 steps to get up to and through the tunnel. It felt almost like a date, since we left Eve with Grandma and Grandpa for 45 minutes to do it. The view was incredible! (and the company even better -- how I love my husband!)

A spectacular trip and wonderful to be with my parents!


Kara said...

SO cool! wish I could go there-Ari
"I'd like to ride on those, right now, Mommy, right now!"-Linc

What adventures! I hope you map where you have been with pictures so that if we do ever have a chance to visit these amazing places we can see what you see.
I am ready to go "right now" too ;)

Laura said...

SOO beautiful! I'm with Sam on the heights thing though..yowsers! What an incredible place though. It sure makes you appreciate the earth that God created.

Jonathan said...

Ok, totally awesome. I am coming. Sam-the bridges were made in China, you've got nothing to worry about. Amy, monkeys are thieves--didn't you watch Aladdin?
Yes, the park looks amazing.

Lee and Jane Curtis said...

I am slow at commenting, but this looks like a great trip, Sign us up! Mom/Jane