Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making use of something useless

Eve loves to sit on things (i.e. steps, ledges, stools, someone's feet, her stuffed animals, nearly anything will do in her book). Well, we have a useless cupboard in our kitchen that is built over a wall so it only has a little ledge inside. Eve discovered the cupboard, then the ledge, and then how nicely her little rump sits down there. Glad that cupboard can be used for something...

Sometimes she likes to bring something to entertain herself while she sits...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hampering Happens

So in jest I put Eve's hamper on her head for a moment. Little did I know that she would like it so much that for the rest of the day she walked around like this...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eve is really good at getting away with whatever she wants here. We went to Shanghai and saw the World Expo. While there Eve saw this little stool and just backed her little bottom onto it. No problem just helping herself...

"Wow, look at this cool stool!"

"Oh, this is yours?... Hey, I want that too! Give it here"

"Whoa, cool. I think I should hold this..."

"Yeeaahh! Victory!"

"What you lookin' at?"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip Home

In August we went home to Utah for a few weeks. Eve and I went home a week earlier than Sam (to help Eve get over jet-lag -- it took a whole week by the way. If you saw someone walking with a baby out in the moonlight of the wee hours of the night, chances are it was me with my baby who thought 2am was daytime =) It was just wonderful to be with family. Eve learned the joy of Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins galore!

Being with Cousins was the best!! This is Eve with cousin Josie (9 months)

While in Utah we also took Eve to learn about her heritage at the Pioneer Park. She was most interested in the rocks, leaves and dirt on the ground, but we can try for Pioneer appreciation next time I suppose =)

With Nicole and Ashley learning how to make wool into yarn (sort of...)

Cousins Elijah and Caleb washing clothes Pioneer-style

Cousins Taylor, Lydia, and Ashley with Aunt Emma making butter

Joshua, Nicole, and Kira petting the lambs. Eve liked to pick up the poop off the ground in the petting zoo so she got to be held a lot...

Getting acquainted with our nations mascot

Eve just lookin' cute

So my family also had a little informal cousin "parade" where all the kids decorated their bikes and rode them around the circle a few times. It was really fun.

Eve on her parade-mobile

It was good to be with both the Drennan and Curtis families. Here we are with Tom and Steph's house after a great meal and good cousin play time

Thomas, Rachel, Tom, Steph, Eve, Amy and Sam

Jungle Gyms was an important stop in our outings.

Joshua, Audrey, and Eve

This is a picture of Ephraim teaching Eve how to do an Indian war cry. Every time after that when she saw him, she would do it =)

Daddy Daughter roller coaster time

Eve with Shelby, Audrey and Anya

Eve thought she could just go through the bars. I wish I'd gotten a picture of her with her face squished between them trying to squeeze through!

She even tried it backwards. Still no luck -- She's solid backwards and forwards!

Stairs Plant Drennan Family Picnic

Elijah, Kira, Lydia, and Adria

Eve =)

While in Utah I caught up with two of my wonderful roommates, Emily and Jana. It was great to catch up!

Amy, Eve, Em, Patton, Jack, and Jana

What is a trip to Utah without going to the cabin!?

Aunt Jamie teaching Eve how to be stylin' like her Uncle Jon

Sporting her cute BYU sweatshirt from cousin Rachel in honor of the great news about going independent. Go BYU!! =)

4 Wonderful Years and Counting

Sam and I just celebrated our 4th year anniversary on August 24th. Best 4 years ever!! I can't imagine a happier life than mine with my wonderful husband.

When we got engaged

Four years later

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 Year Old!

Genevieve just had her first birthday on July 10th!! I can hardly believe she is now a one year old! We had a great party (although we missed celebrating with family - see you next month family!) At first I worried that no one would come, since most of our friends go to their home countries in the summertime. However, we ended up having about 20 people come (10 kids and 10 adults). It was lots of fun!

Eve opening presents (or watching as other people "helped" her open her presents =)

Cool car/push cart -- a gift from our good friend, Hannah.

With her favorite toy, a giant teddy bear from our friend, Yang Xiaolan.
She still squeals with delight and tackles it every time she catches sight of it!
(So funny because it is twice her size!)

The teddy bear cake I made. The big one was for everyone to eat;
the small one was for Eve to destroy =)

Singing Happy Birthday. We sang it first in English, then in Chinese.
It had a lot more gusto in Chinese! (since most our guests didn't speak English)

Eve (stripped down) so she that could dig into her cake.

After the party we gave Eve our gifts. This time she got to mostly open them herself (with a little help, of course =)

Papa's special surprise gift for Eve -- a cute dolly! Sam is a real sucker for his girl =)

How we love our Genevieve! We could not imagine life without her.
She is a gift and a joy! As I think of all that has happened in this first year, I am amazed.
It makes me excited to see what this next year will bring!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trip to Zhangjiajie 张家界

My parents just returned home from their second mission, this time in Kaliningrad, Russia. And lucky us, on their "way home" they came to visit us!! We went to a place called Zhangjiajie, which is one of China's national parks. It was quite spectacular! Here are some pictures:

Sam, Amy, Eve, Coralee and Bryan Drennan (Amy's parents)

These mountains aren't even part of the national park. Beautiful, eh?!

At the front gate

A natural bridge. The drop is about 400 feet below (hard to get a picture of that =)

Lovers put their names on locks and then lock them to the rails on the bridge. We didn't add a lock, but we did hold hands across the bridge which is supposed to ensure we will stay together. I guess Sam is stuck with me now! =)

We got to see a small Tujia minority village
This grandma even let me try spinning yarn. It took a minute, but after a few tries I actually spun a little!

Eve sporting a Tujia minority head-dress

Banging the big drum

Traditional dress for a Tujia bride

So wherever we go, Eve seems to gather a crowd. My parents laughed at how many people would gather around to get a glimpse of our "Foreign Doll". I guess Sam and I are used to it -- we hardly even notice anymore =)

More beautiful views!
Too bad Sam is afraid of heights. He looked pretty pale all through this part of the hike.

Buddhist Temple

We took a couple of cable cars up and down mountain sides. Very cool!

People will write wishes on red banners and then tie them in the trees in this part of the park. It looks pretty cool, I think.

I really wanted to see a monkey on this trip. I was so excited when I saw these two, that I put my backpack down to take a few pictures. While I was photographing one of the monkeys, the other one ran up to my backpack and stole our treat bag out of it and then climbed up a tree to enjoy his spoil! Sad for us, no treats, but cool to see the monkeys!
(Our little monkey)

This place is called "Heaven's Gate Mountain" because of this awesome tunnel that goes right through the mountain. It really does look like you could walk right into heaven through it!
Sam and I climbed all 999 steps to get up to and through the tunnel. It felt almost like a date, since we left Eve with Grandma and Grandpa for 45 minutes to do it. The view was incredible! (and the company even better -- how I love my husband!)

A spectacular trip and wonderful to be with my parents!