Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 Year Old!

Genevieve just had her first birthday on July 10th!! I can hardly believe she is now a one year old! We had a great party (although we missed celebrating with family - see you next month family!) At first I worried that no one would come, since most of our friends go to their home countries in the summertime. However, we ended up having about 20 people come (10 kids and 10 adults). It was lots of fun!

Eve opening presents (or watching as other people "helped" her open her presents =)

Cool car/push cart -- a gift from our good friend, Hannah.

With her favorite toy, a giant teddy bear from our friend, Yang Xiaolan.
She still squeals with delight and tackles it every time she catches sight of it!
(So funny because it is twice her size!)

The teddy bear cake I made. The big one was for everyone to eat;
the small one was for Eve to destroy =)

Singing Happy Birthday. We sang it first in English, then in Chinese.
It had a lot more gusto in Chinese! (since most our guests didn't speak English)

Eve (stripped down) so she that could dig into her cake.

After the party we gave Eve our gifts. This time she got to mostly open them herself (with a little help, of course =)

Papa's special surprise gift for Eve -- a cute dolly! Sam is a real sucker for his girl =)

How we love our Genevieve! We could not imagine life without her.
She is a gift and a joy! As I think of all that has happened in this first year, I am amazed.
It makes me excited to see what this next year will bring!