Thursday, April 14, 2011

And then there were... 4?

Hello Everyone,

We just want to publicly announce our news that we are expecting our second baby in early November!! We are very excited and welcome this new addition with high anticipation! Although we live in China, we are happy to declare that the One Child Policy does not apply to us and we will be joyously adding to our family soon! =)

Unfortunately, I get really sick when I am pregnant (a fact I was disappointed to discover was not a fluke with our first, but also applies to second babies), but having a baby on the way is a good reason to endure being miserable. I am getting some good help here and Sam has stepped up to take nearly all my responsibilities on himself (since I must stay lying down nearly all day). I don't know which of us has a harder time when I am pregnant -- me throwing up all day or Sam working hard at work and then even harder at home! I think we will both welcome sleepless nights with a newborn over being sick and pregnant! Hah!

We feel blessed to be parents and to add another precious soul to our family!