Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Blocked

Amy and Sam are blocked from accessing their blog while in China. If you would like to email Amy, her email is The previous post was an email that Amy sent that I transcribed (sorry for any and all mistakes I made typing).
-Jessica McKay

Some Pics

1) people on bikes and motorcycles often carry huge loads. I saw a motorcycle the other day carrying 4 grown men. Yesterday I saw a motorcycle with two men on it: one driving and the other holding a 20 food bamboo ladder!

2) a computer mouse Sam bought from his company. Look closely at the phrase "Build Your Dreams' on the paper that came with it--don't worry that it is the name of the company, it can still get spelled wrong!

3) outside a few streets over from our home

4) an add for corn-flavored drink in a knock-off of Burger King called "Texas Burger." The drink is describes as "Fresh Cornwater: More Health, More Delicacies"

5) of course, a picture of Genevieve!=)