Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Blocked

Amy and Sam are blocked from accessing their blog while in China. If you would like to email Amy, her email is The previous post was an email that Amy sent that I transcribed (sorry for any and all mistakes I made typing).
-Jessica McKay

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Shanda said...


I love the story about the Chinese Beauty Salon! And Eve is beautiful! I had to laugh at all the help you get from Chinese people. We had two Chinese neighbors in our building at Notre Dame & several other Chinese families that lived in our housing area. When one of them would have a baby their family would come out to help--mind you, we only had two bedrooms & less than 500 sq ft to live in, but they would come and spend 6 months taking care of the new baby. I have never met a more loving people! Even though we couldn't communicate verbally, we would play outside with these sweet Chinese parents every day, go on walks, and smile and communicate in our own way. I agree, the Chinese people are so service oriented and so wonderful! Our neighbors would always bring us something they were cooking up, sometimes we really liked it, sometimes we didn't, but we thought it was so sweet that they would think about us! I felt bad when I would take them cookies or brownies (Americans eat WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR!). They always fed us healthy delicious dishes & all I could come up with was fatning sweet dishes!;) Enjoy your last few months there! We stayed at Lee & Jane's home this week & they said you might be moving to Chicago. We loved that area, and really miss the Midwest.