Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moving up in life

Since moving to China in January of 2009, we have now moved 3 times (4 times if you count the time we got kicked out of one apartment after only 2 days). Each move has been a step up (which is not too hard I suppose when you see how low we started -- stepping up is the only way to go!) We now live on the 23rd floor in a city called Dongguan. Take a look at our progression:

Our First Kitchen in China (in Baolong)
Our Second Kitchen in China (in Kuichong)

Our Current Kitchen! (in Dongguan)

Our First Living Room in China
Our Second...

And Now!

Our First Bathroom
Our Second Bathrooms

Our Current Bathrooms!

Our Baolong Bedroom
Our Kuichong Bedroom
Eve's Kuichong Room

Our Bedroom Now!
Eve's/Guest Room Now

We absolutely LOVE our new apartment! I think we would like it no matter what, but seeing where we are coming from... ya, its paradise! Its amazing how much you take for granted until you go without it (i.e. lights that light (and are not fluorescent), having cupboards, be able to get things clean, having a bathtub, a shower door, toilets with seats, having mirrors, and closets and real furniture, and burners and natural light! The list seems to go on forever!) Every time I turn on a sink and have hot water I think a miracle has occurred!


Laura said...

Your place is beautiful! And what an improvement:)

Jenna and Tyler said...

That is FANTASTIC you have a new place! It is definitely an upgrade! Congrats! And little Eve is sooooo dang can tell she has lots of personality already!

Telisa Van Leeuwen said...

Wow Amy!! I can't believe your houses! So glad you can blog again!

Liz Wilcken said...

Wow! You live in a palace now!