Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby-proof? What's that?

Do you see any problems with this picture? Now that Eve is mobile, she is into everything! This apartment is beautiful and we love it, but I am finding it to be a baby-proofing nightmare. Lots of outlets (which is great right?), but all low where she can get at them. A fun build-in open shelf that lights from the bottom, but Eve likes to play with the light bulbs. The cupboard doors are that kind of handle that no lock fits with, and there is essentially zero high storage. And as you can see, the entertainment center is a a bit problematic. Any suggestions?


Liz Wilcken said...

Well, I have somewhat good news. Being married to a physicist, I learn a lot. Like that only ONE of the slots in an electric outlet can shock you. The other one is for "grounding" purposes, and I can't remember what the hole in the bottom is for, but I think it was harmless as well. But good luck with the rest of the baby proofing!

Lee and Jane Curtis said...

Let see--you could wrap things in plastic wrap, build higher shelves or put a board in front. This is just the beginning!--Mom/Jane

Laura said...

Use rubber bands between knobs on cupboards to keep them shut:) I'm pretty much useless though because when my nieces and nephews come over my house is not kid friendly at all:)