Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hong Kong Trip

Who knew we would see Yao Ming in Hong Kong!? Actually, this is Yao Ming's actual height (although not his actual proportions =)

The temple in Hong Kong was a huge hightlight of our trip there. It is beautiful! We stayed in temple housing for one night. This picture was taken from inside the gates of the temple hostel.

This was the other place we stayed in Hong Kong -- a real Chinese hotel (complete with bed like concrete). The room was so small we could barely walk past one another without climbing on the bed. We were lucky enough to have the room next to the cat's abode. We hear our felion friend meow long into the night =)

This is Amy inside one of the fountains at the Hong Kong botanical garden. The garden was truly beautiful! This is a tropical island, after all!

Sam and Amy in front of the Church Headquarters in HK. This building happens to be on the most expensive piece of land the church owns =)


Laura said...

What a cool experience! I've heard the temple there is quite the sight. Keep posting pictures, I love seeing them!

ivana said...

You look pregnant finally (though only slightly)! Still, hurray for you! You look very cute pregnant. I'm so glad you are not planning on having your baby in those hospitals you talked about, and that you hopefully have better options in Hong Kong.

Kalie said...

these pictures are great!!! it looks like you're having all sort of adventures!! also, the love the picture of you and sam at the top of your page!

Aubrey Harris said...

Amy, I wish you could sit on my wall! I love reading about your cool experiences and seeing the pictures! I couldn't believe the stories of visiting the hospitals...glad you found something good!

Laura said...

Hehe, the pregnant couple is Josh and Ciera, not Raquel. Oops!

Kelly said...

Sam & Amy! YAY!!!! I'm so glad you left a comment on the Bird's blog so we could find you! I didn't know you had a blog but I'm SO GLAD! We miss you! I hope you're doing well. I'm excited to go back through your posts and read up on everything! our link is tonkeykong.blogspot.com