Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is so close, but also a great vacation spot (a bit of civilization, if you know what I mean), we decided to go there for our Chinese New Year break again this year. It was a little different with a baby in tow, but great of course!

Eve's first boat ride -- the ferry across the HK channel

View from Stanley village

Space is tight in HK and our hotel room was really small.
So Eve got to sleep in the luxurious shower-bed

Jazzed to head out to SoHo for dinner...
a little while later...

The whole family with New Year decorations at the mall

It was great to see old friends! This is Stella, one of the other teachers Sam worked with at the MTC. She was kind enough to babysit Eve while Sam and I went to the Temple.

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Laura said...

So pretty! Our Bishop here is Chinese and told us about the Chinese traditions this time of year and it's sounds like quite the event!