Friday, January 16, 2009

Chinese Public Bathrooms

A few things I have learned about Chinese public bathrooms:

- Hold your breath (that's all I'm going to say about that).
- Look in every stall before you select one. You may get lucky and find a western-sitting-toilet.
- McDonald's in China still has western toilets!!
- Bring some tissue in your pocket (just in case TP is not supplied).
- Turn on the water BEFORE you put soap on your hands. Walking around with a blob of soap in your hands because the water doesn't turn on... not sure what to do about that.
- Have sanitizer handy (in case there is no soap at all).
- The "No Smoking" sign really means "Please, come smoke in the bathroom!"
- Don't worry about bad words being scribbled on the stalls -- if there are some, I can't read them! (One of the ONLY times being illiterate is a plus!)


Kalie said...

AMY!! what an adventure! i hope all is well! have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Amy! I miss you! Seeing your blog actually brought tears to my eyes! Your story of the bed was hilarious and completely made my day. Oh, and the toilets...I remember them. My thigh muscles have never been so strong:)

Mary said...

Amy, love your blog but I have to tell you that I stold your Chinese bathroon bit and put it on my blog. I just add a few things to it.

Evan said...

- The "No Smoking" sign really means "Please, come smoke in the bathroom!"

u r funny......