Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I promised to make a blog for Sam and I once we moved to China. Well, we're here in Shenzhen, China now and I thought I better hurry and actually make this blog or by the time I do we won't have any friends left because I haven't kept in touch. Hope its not too boring, and if it is, don't read it. I'll just enjoy writing down all the funny/strange/cool things we experience here =)

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Kalie said...

AMY!!!!! I'm so excited to see your blog!! And, sorry about your bed! I'm glad you and Sam made it to China safely! It will be fun to read of your adventures!! I just created a blog....and I'm definitely still figuring it out.... (o: (I think I had to have one to comment on yours...maybe??) Well, I hope you are both doing well!! Have a great day!!