Friday, January 16, 2009

Religious Procession

Today I was just plugging away at my computer at work, when I heard what sounded like a band of pots and pans banging outside. We all gathered at the window to see a long procession of worshipers dressed all in red and carrying something (it was hard for me to see what). My fellow employees said that they were taking their ancestors home. I'm not sure what that means. My fellow employees seemed to think it was silly or foolish, but I think that kind of devotion and respect is beautiful. We haven't seen much (or any) religious activity here in China before today (besides in our own branch, or course), so for me it was nice to see that religion is not totally dead here.

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Jamie Curtis said...

That is so cool! I watched movies about this in my "Myth, Magic and Religion" anthropology class. I love learning about the different cultural traditions - especially when it comes to religion. Keep us posted on more!